"The end of the Internet" aka "Self replicating malware on home routers"

Vortragender: naxxatoe

Schedule: Samstag 20. September, 11:00

This talk is about devices that almost everybody has in their homes and offices. So called Soho (Small home and office) routers have become extremely popular in the last few years. While the good guys where busy trying to prevent malware from infiltrating their desktop systems, the bad guys had gone one step ahead of the game and started to experiment with these devices. Close to nobody pays attention to the security of their routers and why should they. These mystical devices have always been protected through security by obscurity. This Talk is not about how to reverse engineer routers, or how to get the best possible security out of the original firmware. This is the real stuff. Participants will learn the fundamental basics how routers can be taken over. After a few practical examples we will then move into the field of malware -- self spreading of course. This talk will give the participants not only a fundamental knowledge of Soho router hacking, but also a idea about future threats and the ongoing research in this very interesting field of it security.